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Winning The Morning

The first hour of the day may be the most important. It can dictate the direction our day will go. Winning the first hour of the day gives us the opportunity to string together good choices that accumulate into health and longevity.

Let’s say I hit the snooze button, this makes me miss my morning workout because I now don’t have the time. I grab a bagel for breakfast instead of the post-workout protein shake, packed with veggies, I planned on. Come mid-morning I am tired because my blood sugar spike is coming down and I’m looking for coffee and a high-carbohydrate snack. The first hour of this day was a loss. My first bad decision led to a slippery slope of future bad decisions.

Let’s say instead, I wake up with my first alarm and get in a 30-minute workout. I drink my protein shake with veggies and healthy fats. Come mid-morning I do not have the same cravings because my blood sugar isn’t crashing. I consciously decide to have a healthy lunch because I want to continue the streak of making good choices. My whole day changed because I won the morning.

We win the morning by planning ahead. Have your workout shoes ready, sleep in your gym clothes, and have your protein shake premade. Not everyone wins the morning by working out. It could be meditation, journaling, reading, or being present with your family. It could be enjoying a cup of coffee and exposure to the sun while continuing your fast. We all have different goals, but we should all share the goal of winning the morning.

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